Realfull Eyebrow

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Tên sản phẩm Realfull Eyebrow
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Chức năng To approach about the beautiful eyebrow natural, such as if in the ultra-fine 0.97mm has grown their own eyebrow! "Grow" "draw" than a new sense Eyebrow
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    Eyebrow in pursuit of birth was "the ultimate realistic" in the Ekusubote and make-up artist Mai Nishiyama's collaboration. Ultra-fine line of "0.97mm" is, to reproduce the one by one eyebrow as if grow their hair. Color is familiar to any skin color, hair color grayish brown.


    Draw realistic to coat in the history of the top fine ※ "0.97mm"
    He graduated from the cause "solid color eyebrow" of featureless face. In general, eyebrow is often 2mm from 1.5mm, has achieved a draw one by one hair "ultra-fine 0.97mm".

    It is thin and if often wick is hard becomes color becomes bad, constantly evolving, realize the exquisite line that he wanted a line can be drawn smoothly. You can reproduce a single one eyebrow as if grow their hair.
    Water proof, not broken down
    Because eyebrow easy to fall easily out sweat, sebum Among the face, play the water "water proof prescription" and to keep the beautiful finish a long time "to absorb sebum" Clear Pack powder "". "Gone to be the evening was "to eliminate the.
    Natural plant oils of carefully selected, such as "Camellia" and "Argan oil" was condensed tightly. Every time you use, and then plus the Halifax Kosi to the eyebrows.
    Grayish Brown of sticking to adapt to the skin
    Familiar is the skin and the eyebrows of intermediate tone commitment beauty brow color "Grayish Brown" is for any skin color, hair color, blurring is also unnecessary. Also grant the beautiful ideal of eyebrow enough to approach a natural far.
    Introducing the make-up techniques of