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Chức năng In their own gel to touch the eyelid "melts in close contact", clearly dense line can be drawn smoothly. Gel eyeliner
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    Ekusubote and draw easy gel eyeliner as become born "addictive" in the make-up artist Mai Nishiyama's collaboration. And a line of thin strong exquisite in "2mm", by their own gel to touch the skin "melts in close contact", draw crisp dense line in liquid par is smooth and Surusuru, followed by a long period of time in a multi-proof prescription.


    Thin and with a strong "ultra-fine 2mm" eyes door clearly
    If too thin technique is required, hardly fill the gap too thick eyelashes. Commitment "ultra-fine 2mm" is, in exquisite thinness that maneuverability is listening, easy to fill in the gap of the eyelashes, also easy to exquisite thinness-lifting of the outer corner of the eye. The eyes of the firm impression will come true easily with a single. After close contact, to a gel dries in 5 seconds, it will persist.
    It fell hard in a multi-proof effect
    With a strong multi-proof effect in water, sebum-rubbing, Nijimazu, and for a long time keep a clear line.
    Moisture care eyelashes cosmetic ingredients
    Most thin skin eyelid in the face, easy to get parts of the age, such as drying or small wrinkles. It was blended cosmetic ingredients thinking of such eyelid. Cosmetic ingredients, such as "ceramide" gives the moisture to the lashes even during makeup.So as not to put a burden on the eyelid, parabens, preservatives, alcohol, mineral oil, artificial coloring, flavoring does not use.
    Hen and good of draw-friendliness and high color
    Eyeliner There are various types, but the Ms. Mai Nishiyama conclusion "gel". is the draw as easily of the pencil in the formula feeding, and darker color as liquid. It is smoothly draw things often be easy to fall, but fell hard and dry in 5 seconds. Finished in eye liner to become a daily "addictive" and easy to draw.
    Introducing the make-up techniques of .